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When I graduated from college several years ago, I fancied myself a smart cookie. I didn’t know everything – but what I didn’t know I could find out! Oh how the times have changed…

Sitting in front of me now is an adversary that is far scarier than a pile of books. It is – an iphone. And can I use my iphone? No. Can I make calls on it at least? No. Am I accidentally calling people while trying to enter their contact information in my new phone??? Yes. Yes, I am.

Honestly, it boggles my mind that a piece of technology not much bigger than a deck of cards, can do all the things the iphone promises to. And since I have lived the last month without a cell phone, I had plenty of time to research the options. I lost my old cell phone in the middle of September. Losing a cell phone is never fun, and I waited a good long time hoping it would show up again, but we were nearing two months without the phone – and it was time to give up hope. The iphone turned out to be the same price as replacing my old phone. So I figured, why not??

Well here, is why not Shannon… Technology doesn’t like you!! It will laugh at you while you read the absurdly tiny owners manual! It will mock you when you try to text your husband, but instead text the the dogs vet. It will gleam in it’s little black case, and taunt you with it’s impossible shiny-ness!!

OK, OK…I’m taking deep breaths now. I am a smart, resourceful person. I can do this. I can learn to master my iphone – and not let it master me! I will harness iphones many apps to make my life easier! I will approach this like I would a research paper.

I will find out everything I can…

Can you help?? What apps would be most helpful to a stay at home mom? What apps are the most fun? How did you learn to use your iphone? I’ll take any advice! Help!

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  • foxy says:

    I have to say, the iphone is way beyond my tech expertise, but I am POSITIVE you can figure it out. Good luck with it!


  • Kristin @ Meanbean says:

    stopping in for your SITS day…I have an iPhone, and I love it. One thing, the touch screen is very sensitive. I would reccomend going and getting a cover for the phone that comes with a screen protector.

    It will make things easier, because you can still do all the touch screen thigns, but won't end up texting the vet instead of hubby, etc.

    I would reccomend continuing to play with it, that's how I learned most of my stuff. And search the App store pretty frequently, there's always new stuff being added!


  • marit says:

    Great post! I don't have my iPhone just yet, but I can't wait! I'll def be checking in with you when I get stuck though. 😉


  • Date Girl says:

    I dream of one day owning an iphone. I heard on a radio show about this app called iPeriod. It tells you when your monthly aunt flow is due. I cracked up because the radio hosts said it would be better for the men to have that app so they know when to be extra nice! 🙂


  • Mammatalk says:

    Wish I could help….. but, have you seen my blog's header? I use old fashioned rotary, thank you very much.


  • Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork says:

    Sorry, can't help. I've never had a smart phone, and currently don't even have a cell phone.


  • Alex Fitzpatrick aka Ma What's 4 Dinner says:

    I've had my iphone for almost 2 years now. They don't even come with instruction booklets! What happened to books and manuals? Now you have to download that stuff or pay some dude at the Apple store after you made an appointment and yadda yadda yadda. Come on! I have 3 kids! I don't have time for that!

    Good luck. Happy SITS.


  • Angelia says:

    Shannon, that's TOO funny!

    I got my iPhone for my birthday in August. Oh yeeeeeeeeeaaahh…I frickin' LOVE it.

    I have UNO, Word search, Deal or no deal, calorie counter, Italian app, Fairies fly game for the girls to play (it's Tinkerbell). My email, internet, wordpress app, to do list app, twitter, bible, bank, vocab, and dictionary app.

    I could go on and on, I have a very sick love affair with my iPhone, iiiiiiiiiphone <3 <3

    Please email me, I'm happy to help. This phone is amazing. 🙂


  • Velva says:

    My iphone is 2 days old! I have a lot to learn but, I can already tell I am going to wonder how I did without for so long!

    By the way, my hat is off to you for your intro video.


  • I Wonder Wye says:

    Unless it cleans my house and cooks my dinner, I am not interested. I'll let Excy drool over it and do the 'happy dance' when he finds it under the Christmas tree…..


  • Brandi says:

    I got my iPhone about two months ago. I LOVE it so far! I'm not going to be good at giving advice on the ins and outs of it, but I do know that you need to download the "Words With Friends" free app. It is way too fun!! It's like scrabble for two. Have fun with your new toy!


  • Bentley Boutique says:

    I love my brand new iPhone. I can go for a walk/jog and use it as an iPod, pedometer, and telephone all at once. When the phone rings, you can use your speaker that is atached to the earpods to pause the music. I don't even have to carry a calander anymore b/c there's one in the iPhone. My grocery list and other lists, you guessed it, are all on the phone. Youre gonna love it! Happy SITS day!


  • Triplets Plus Two Momma says:

    That is so funny! My last blog post was all about how I can't manage to run on the treadmill and work my itouch at the same time!


    Oh well. There are worse things to be, right?

    Good luck!


  • Midday Escapades says:

    Sorry Charlie, can't help with this one 'cause I don't have an iphone. Enjoy the learning experience. Happy SITS day!


  • Gen says:

    LOL. I so, so want one. I have the 'touch' right now and honestly the only thing stopping me from getting an iPhone is the comitment. They look nice and affordable in the ads (relativly), then you see how much they are with pay-as-you-go and AHHHHHH!.

    My iPod is indespensable already though, and it can't even call people. I'm more connected to my email than ever before and even ended up switching my primary account so I could use it with the mail application. The 'Remote' app from apple is a god send. I can watch movies from my bed (yay!) and change music from anywhere in the house (great fun syncing it with my sis's computer and randomly changing her music while she's using iTunes :D)

    I blog from it, tweet, facebook and share EVERYTHING. I recently left it at a friends house and actually had to calm myself several times when I realised I couldn't use it for something I normally would. Oh yeah, and I sometimes actually LISTEN to it too.


  • Iris McWilliams says:

    I want an iphone so bad. It is such an unrealistic purchase though, I mean, what on earth would I do with it?! Im a stay-at-home Mama for cryin' out loud! LOL. Im using my new business as my excuse for wanting one now. So sad. LOL 🙂 Howdy from The SITStahood!

    Iris 🙂


  • Encore Bride says:

    I have facebook, amazon, ebay, Etsy Addict, Target, Kayak, Big oven and all recipes (for recipes) Flixster (to see what movies are showing where) flashlight, 2 countdown apps (since my fiance is on his way to a deployment) To Do's, Flickr, Bible, Tweetie and a few more. The best advise I can give you is to just play with it, the apps are very intuitive and you will learn the tricks over time. I love mine!!! Happy SITS Day!


  • Kari @ p.s. says:

    Will be getting my first (gasp) iphone in 3 weeks :o)


  • Cheryl says:

    Sorry I can't help you. I would say to just mess around with it. That's what I do. Good Luck!


  • When did I become my Mom says:

    I'm a Blackberry girl myself, but my friend Nancy is an iPhone girl and she's got a couple iPhone app posts.

    check these out:

    Free Must-Haves for Parents

    Fun with Pics


  • Meg says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I recently got a new phone (which does less than an iphone) and wrote a post about how it scared the crap out of me. And I'm still in college…

    And if you're still confused, recruit some high schooler. When my dad got a blackberry, my two younger siblings taught him how to use it. It's like a 6th sense.


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