It’s a Blog Warming Party!!

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So exciting!! I’m totally going to hyperventilate!!

Today Milk and Cuddles is being featured on a cool website called SITS that showcases bloggers from all walks of life!

Below is a short video welcome to all you SITS peeps, but let me first say in writing – THANK YOU so much for stopping by! In Today’s busy world it takes a special kind of spirit to take time to come say hello to a blogger you don’t know- so thank you so much for the encouragement!

What kind of things do you write about? I write about whatever is going on in my life. Sometimes I review new products, and run giveaways! Other times my blogs take the shape of a a new favorite recipe I’ve found, that I just have to pass on! I also blog about being a new mom, and the struggles and frustrations that can come along with that. I also ask readers for their advice or wisdom on a number of different topics. Below are a sampling of some blogs on different subjects – perhaps one will strike your fancy??

Click HERE for a great Christmas recipe – Cranberry & Orange flavored Vodka!

Click HERE to read why I think society is crazy hypercritical when it comes to nursing moms!

Click HERE to give me advice on how the heck I’m supposed to use my new iPhone!!

How this blog got started: I started this blog shortly after the birth of my daughter, being a new mom can be an isolating experience. You feel like your doing everything wrong, and sometimes you just need to vent. Also, when I married my husband I moved to Texas, leaving a career in TV production behind in NYC. Although there is truly nothing as exciting, and fufilling as watching my baby daughter grow, I missed a creative outlet. That outlet became this blog!

Thanks Again for stopping by: Please remember that I abide by the SITS philosophy! If you comment, I comment. If you follow, I follow. If you subscribe -I subscribe to you! I am all about sharing the bloggy love – and I can’t wait to discover all your blogs!

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