How To: Make a Hair bow Holder!

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 (Hair bow holder hanging in my daughters room)

I’ve been seeing lovely  hair bow holders all over boutique children’s stores in the last few months. My daughter is an avid fan of hair bows already, at the ripe old age of 17 months. I find tiny pink, white, and yellow bows all over our house! I’ve thought about getting a bow holder at one of the boutiques that sell them, but even a small one seems to run $30 dollars and up.

So instead of buying a hair bow holder, I figured out how to make one! Below, are the 3 simple  steps!

–  An appropriate size piece of plywood, or an art canvas from a craft store like Micheal’s.
–  A piece of fabric you want to use.
–  Enough Ribbon  to cover your project.
–  A staple gun.

Step 1- Cut your fabric to the right size for your canvas. Fold fabric over the corners of the canvas, like you would wrap a Christmas present. Staple as you go, pulling fabric tightly.

Step 2- Decide on a ribbon to use, and measure out the amount you need to cover your canvas in your preferred pattern.  You could do vertical, boxes, or criss-cross like I did below. After you settle on a pattern, staple the ribbon in the back of the canvas.

Step 3-  Add an additional Ribbon to hang the bow holder from. You may also want to add a square piece of cardboard to the back, stapling once in all four corners. That way, any wall you hang the bow holder from is protected from the many jagged staples you may have put in during the process!

 Enjoy your bow holder! It’s ready to have oodles, and oodles of pretty bows and barrettes clipped to it’s many ribbons!

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