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My sweet daughter recently turned 18 months old. I’ve breastfeed her since she was born, and it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. But now that my daughter is getting older, breastfeeding has become something she does less. My goal when I started nursing her was to try to make it to two years of age – or when she weaned herself. I am 6 months months away from that goal.

I still intend to let my little pumpkin take the lead in choosing how and when we stop nursing. I would like to get through the rest of the winter for sure. I really think she has been protected from lot’s of flu and cold germs that were going around this winter, due to the antibodies she has been getting through my milk. But once spring is here, and the cold season has mostly disappeared – I can see weaning on the horizon. And I have such mixed feelings about it…

I’d love the advice of moms out there that have been down this road! Part of me feels like I’m ready to start the process of weaning by slowly cutting down how often I nurse her. Other times I feel like I should wait until she signals that she is done with nursing, and that if that takes a few extra months that it’s worth it. That I should do this at her pace. Will I know when she’s ready? Will she really just stop nursing all by herself? Or do I need to facilitate the process? I just don’t know.

(Mary Cassatt: Louise Breastfeeding Her Child)

Of course complicating the issue are my own mixed feelings about giving up nursing. I have seen what an amazing and comforting bond it has created between pumpkin and I. And once it’s gone, I know I will long for those quiet intimate moments that were just pure mommy and baby. On the other hand, I am feeling excited about the prospect of throwing out my nursing bras! And I’m practically giddy at the idea that I wont have to judge every outfit I wear based on how easy it will be to move aside for nursing!  I’m ready to move on, and yet I’m so sad that I can see this special time in my babies life ending!

The bottom line is that I can put my own feelings aside, if it meant doing what was best for my daughter. I am just not sure what that is. Do any other moms have any advice?



  • Becca says:

    I only nursed my first for 8 weeks. It was super easy to switch her to a bottle but then again, we only nursed for just 8 short weeks. My baby girl now is 9 months. I didn’t intend on nursing her this long, I just wanted to make it to 6 months. Now I just want to make it to a year. I know that it will be a big deal for me though. Good luck!

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  • Holly's Hobby says:

    I am following you back through Friday Follow! Thanks for following me! I nursed my oldest until she was 14 months old. It was a very special time between us! She is 10 now!!! (the other 2 stopped between 10 and 12 months) In my opinion you and your baby will both just know when it is time for the two of you to stop. I would let her show you when she wants to give up each feeding. I would try not to put a time on it but just a feeling. Whatever feels right for the two of you! 🙂 Cherish your time with her. She will be 10 before you know it!


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    I nursed my daughter until she was 11 mos and the stomach flu came through and wiped out my milk and it never came back. We had to quit cold turkey which was hard at the time but in retrospect maybe an easier way to end it. Good luck!



  • Sarah says:

    Following back! I am now breastfeeding baby #4. Have nursed all of my children and it is such a wonderful experience!


  • WOW. Popular post. New follower here and thanks for being a new follower at my blog as well. Heck, thanks for actually reading the post!

    I am coming on 12 months breastfeeding my little lady and I really can’t imagine stopping at this point. It’s so funny, as I never thought that I would be so attached to it. It is such a great connection.

    I really wished I had stuck it out wiht my oldest but I don’t think I was in the right mindset.

    Thanks for sharing. Good luck on the process. Due keep us posted as I could really use some insight in the future.
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  • Cher says:

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  • Thank you for becoming my follower. I am following you now too. Isn’t Friday follow great.

    I have nursed 5 babies now. Congrats to you for having enjoyed a successful breastfeeding relationship with your child. It was a great gift for her.
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  • I’m following you through Follow Friday….I always love to meet another nursing mama 🙂 I’m actually still nursing my almost 3 year old as well as my 5 month old…yikes! I never ever thought I would do this, but there you have it…I’m sO doing it! 😉 My eldest only nurses once a day before naptime, tho….so I’m assuming once he gives up his naps, he’ll give up the nursing…

    Good luck with your decision 🙂 I say just go with your gutt feeling about it. Always seems to work out that way 🙂


  • Melissa C. says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I was excited to see that you are another local blogger. Can’t wait to follow and see what all you are up to.


  • Sarah says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog from Friday Follow! I’m following you right back!! Have a great day!


  • AmandaK says:

    Personally I was only able to nurse my first for about 6 mo when my milk dried up. I found out I was pregnant, again. Then my second didn’t livelong enough for me to nurse. My goal with Naomi, my 3rd and last is to get to a yr and then we’ll see where we go from there. I don’t know when I’ll stop, for sure yet. You do what works for you and your baby, best. 🙂

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  • Amber says:

    This last week I have been trying to decide to stop nursing or to continue to tough it out. My milk is disappearing. It’s such a tough decision to make and it breaks my heart a little. I’m not sure what I will do either.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m a new follower. I love the layout of your blog!

    ~Amber @ The Mom Road
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  • Helena Lemon says:

    My mom nursed me for 6 months and she nursed my youngest sister until she was 3! She just didn’t want to give up that special time. I can tell you that the bond they shared was the strongest of all the 4 siblings. It is a really special time. I nursed my sons for 6 months and 18 months. One was ready to stop and one wasn’t!
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  • Nancy says:

    I nursed for as long with both of mine and (gently and gradually) directed shorter or alternate nursing times. Don’t worry – you will still have a lovely bond and special quiet times with your little one.
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