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I’m starting a new tradition here at Milk and Cuddles- every Friday I will be sharing a few of my favorite things with you all!

I’ll be telling you about all the things that I’ve wanted to tell you about – but maybe didn’t warrant a whole post? Or maybe I just wasn’t sure how to tell you about random stuff I was loving! Anyway- I’ll be posting about my favorite things (Yes- like the song in Sound Of Music!) every Friday.

And I am ALWAYS wondering what things other people are loving too! So if you’d like to join in, grab the button below and leave a link to your post below. I will definitely come visit. And starting next Friday there will be a linky you can link up to if you’d like to share some of your fave things with the rest of us!


1st Fave Thing-

Village Naturals Therapy Cold & Allergy Mineral Bath Soak 20 oz

Okay so this bath salt was something I found at Wally World. I got it for my hubby when he was having bad allergies, but I started to like the smell so much that I stole it! I’ve replaced many times now, and I’m not 100% sure what is so addictive about it. It has echinacea in it to help suppress cold symptoms, ginseng to ease fatigue, and tea tree to stimulate the immune system.Or so it says- I have no idea if any of that is really working.  BUT- it smells really good to me, and clean. And it gives your skin a subtle minty tingle that I really enjoy. I totally recommend it. I found a link to it on Amazon, so I’ve attached that above. But as I said- I usually buy it at Walmart:)

2cnd Fave Thing-

Zulily – I’d heard about this site before. And never really investigated it. But it turns out I really like it. It’s kind of like an online consignment store- where the stuff you find is brand new. But because the childrens cloths (and women’s) is greatly discounted there isn’t always a large stock. So it’s kind of a good place to check out now and again- in case there is a really good deal going on something you may have already been planning to buy. The deals expire every few days. I recently got an adorable top and bottom for my toddlers 3rd birthday coming up this summer. Its actually in a boutique in the Fort Worth area for over $80 dollars. I got the whole outfit for $32! Including shipping. WOOT! That said- my one negative on Zuilily is that they take a while to ship. You get your purchase between 10-14 days after ordering. So I wouldnt purchase anything you plan to need right away. Still love window shopping there:)

3rd Fave Thing-

And drum roll…… my absolute OBSESSION of the moment!! It’s a place where you can make online pinboards of pictures or ideas you see on the web, that you want to refer back to later. I have a board with preschool activities I want to do this summer for instance, and we tackled this cute crab picture today at our house. Love little hand prints on anything! I had pinned this idea from sugarmamma on my board! It is a GREAT place to just get creative juices flowing or plan!

Pinterest is an invitation only community. You can go to their site and add your name to the waiting list. Or you can ask someone already using it to send you an invitation. That is supposed to get you pinning quicker. If anyone is interested…I have 3 invites left. I’m happy to send to anyone that wants to try it out! Just leave me your email in the comment box that asks for it, and tell me you’d like an invite!

Also- if anyone is on Pinterest already- let me know! I’ll follow you. I LOVE following new boards! To check my boards out and get an idea of what Pinterest is click HERE. LOVE it!

GRAB THE “MY FAVORITE THINGS” BUTTON! Tell us about what YOU are loving right now!


*None of these companies asked me to post about the products, nor do they know I’m doing. These are just things I’m lovin at the moment!

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