How to Hang Pictures

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How to hang pictures? You want them to be straight, but how to you make sure to get the nail in the wall at just the right place? The answer is easy – but surprising!

You hang pictures using your toothpaste!

On a recent visit to the craft store I marveled out loud at how straight and perfect someone had hung all the pictures in the store. The woman working in the frame shop stopped what she was doing and said “actually there is a really useful trick, it uses toothpaste. Have you heard about it?”

I had NOT heard about it. But I was all ears now! As she told me, I wondered if something so easy could really work. Well today, my hubby was at work and I needed to hang a mirror on the wall. Instead of waiting for him to get home and do it, I decided to try the toothpaste trick. It helped me to hang my mirror perfectly!

1. Find where you want to hang your picture or frame.

2. Dab a generous bead of toothpaste on the hooks or holes that are meant to hang on or over the nails in the wall.

3. push the picture onto the wall where you want it to be, then pull it straight back to you. It will leave toothpaste marks right on the wall.

4. Put nail right in the center of the toothpaste, and then wipe of the remaining minty goo!

5. Enjoy your excellent work 😉

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