Chalk Art!

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Want a fun new art idea for entertaining the kids? Chalk art!  We’ve loved drawing with chalk in our family since my daughter was very young, but as she has gotten older she’s been less enthusiastic. But after being inspired by the film and book  “Mary Poppins” – I had an idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to make chalk art just like the character Burt does, and then jump inside the scene?

What a fun art Idea – Chalk Art!

Art Ideas

3 Chalk Art Tips:

  • Avoid drawing in a place that has glaring sun, or dramatic shadows. Doing chalk art is perfect for an overcast day! It provides even light!
  • Sweep the area before drawing, otherwise you are likely to see little bits of leaves or dirt you didn’t notice in your finished picture.
  • Try using your backyard trampoline as a place to draw if you have one! That’s what we did! Plus, much more comfy to lay on!

chalk art

A few chalk Scenario Ideas:

  • Flying in the air with balloons
  • Snuggling with the moon
  • Dancing in the rain
  • Superhero flying over buildings
  • Sitting on a horse
  • Riding an imaginary bicycle
  • An astronaut in space
  • Holding the earth over your head
  • As a butterfly or fairy with wings behind you

flying chalk drawing slider

This is a great art idea for encouraging imagination and creativity. Let kids draw their own scenes and play act within them! Have you done chalk art with your kids? I’d love to see what pictures you’ve come up with! Feel free to share the link with me in the comments!

Looking for an art idea that involves paint and a brush? You can make your own water color paint & make your own finger paint!

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