Burger King’s Twitter Feed is Hacked…

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Need a reminder of the importance of making sure you change your password on social media accounts often? This afternoon as I was perusing my Twitter feed, I noticed  fast food giant @BurgerKing’s Twitter account had quite obviously been hacked, and changed to a pro McDonald’s feed! Ouch.

McDonald’s has actually tweeted its sympathy to the Burger King account (which has since been suspended). But before the page was shut down, I took some screen shots of what was going on.

-You can see here that both the Burger King avatar and page background were changed to a golden arches theme…

(I blurred offensive words fyi…)

Burger King Twitter screenshot

-It appears one of the first tweets was to @BurgerKings followers saying they had been sold to McDonalds….


Burger King Twitter gets hacked

-And of course chaos ensued as all over social media people interacted with the hacker who was actively responding to people via @BurgerKing hacked Twitter ID.

Burger king hack password reminder

As anyone who uses Twitter already know… it’s kind of the Wild West out there. Always be vigilant about using passwords that are changed often, and that are not obvious. You may remember when  Twitter announced  250,000 Twitter Accounts were recently hacked…

I imagine in the next few days we will hear who was behind this hack and whether it was organized or a rogue hacker. Either way one would assume that @BurgerKing had a pretty savvy social media team at their disposal, and even so this Twitter handle takeover took a pretty long time to be shut down, and was pretty damaging. On the upside, as one Twitter user above pointed out – it may have been a while since Burger King was this talked about! So I guess that may be their silver lining?

-Your Takeaway? Change your passwords often people 😉


  • I’m definitely against hacking a Twitter account or any account at all, but I must admit that it’s a bit funny. Anyway, aren’t all fast-food companies basically all the same?


    Shannon Schmid Reply:

    @Shanna Carson, I have to admit I had a chuckle reading it too Shanna!


  • Rachel says:

    Hilarious! I can’t make this comment too long, as I’m off to change all my passwords…


    Shannon Schmid Reply:

    @Rachel, Oh my gosh I know! I was all about changing them when I saw this too Rachel!


  • Bobby says:

    You wimped out but obscuring the so-called “vulgar” words.


    Shannon Schmid Reply:

    @Bobby, I can understand how you feel. But my point in showing the screenshots was not to promote what the hackers had to say, but to warn readers that changing passwords is important to everyone. Even big corporations! Besides this is a family site, and that comes first for me. But thanks for stopping by!


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