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In my last Disney post, I told you about some of the dining options at Disney we enjoyed during our last trip. But there were so many more dining and snack options I wanted to tell you about!

So in this second post I get a chance to tell you about a couple other sit down restaurants, as well as some places we got snacks, or counter service meals! Hope it helps you plan your Disney vacation!

Tony's town square porch

Daughter was dressed as a pirate, after a makeover in prep for the Hallow -Wishes Party FYI. We don’t normally let her dress as a hooligan. Tony’s Town Square Porch;)

Tony’s Town Square Diner –  I think in some seasons you can sit on the porch here to eat. That wasn’t open when we went, but if it had been I would have said this is an even better restaurant to frequent just based on the awesome people watching that would afford you! Right inside the entrance to The Magic Kingdom, this is an Italian restaurant that is loosely based on the Italian restaurant in “Lady and the Tramp.” I wasn’t overjoyed by food. It wasn’t bad either. The windows everywhere is very pretty though, and even by a window it was fun to watch the awe on peoples faces as they walked into Disney World for the first time. So location- great. Food in my opinion – just alright. The desserts were pretty cute though! *TIP* If you park your stroller in front of the restaurant do not freak out when you come out and see it gone. This building has an easily missed side porch where strollers are re-located to.

Mama Melrose package

 Mama Melrose – located in Hollywood Studios, this Italian restaurant was a really pleasant surprise. We booked it using the “Fantasmic Dining Package” in order to have reserved seats at the show the same night. Of the 3 places we had to choose from, this was the mid-range place. It was one of my faves! It had REALLY delicious food. They absolutely spoiled my daughter! I will write soon about the birthday celebrations at Disney- but this place had one of my fave surprises for her that we went! At the end of the meal they said she had a call, and brought her a phone. My hubby and I were so confused! It was Goofy, calling to wish her happy birthday! So sweet. The atmosphere was casual but also had great character. It reminded me of a lot of places I went in “Little Italy” when I lived in NYC. I really recommend it. It feels like the Italian place you would imagine Tony Danza would have taken the family to in an episode of “Who’s the Boss!” Hahaha.

drink around epcot

Counter Service places we visited in EPCOT:

Yorkshire County Fish Shop- Awesome fish & Chips. Rivaled the stuff I’ve had in England. Though I’d guess we lucked out on whoever was frying that night! Be sure to grab copious amounts of vinegar packets from their side bar for your “chips.” If you don’t- you are not really being authentic. Haha. As if you can be authentic in EPCOT! But seriously…you need the vinegar. No joke. I’m not smiling right now. Get the vinegar.

Tangierine Cafe- I wish he had been hungrier when we visited. They had ahh-mazing looking Moroccan food. But we had just eaten, so this was just a trip to get the preschooler a treat. They had handmade ice cream in amazing combos. The preschooler picked the least daring – chocolate cinnamon. But even it was incredible (just a snack credit). They had a wonderful middle eastern band playing and we camped out on their porch tables for 30 minutes just enjoying life! def on my list of places to get a meal next time.

Sunshine Seasons- This is THE place in EPCOT to eat – in my whole families opinion!! We recently commented that we could have eaten there for every meal and been happy! Fresh produce much of which is grown on premises, great global picks – we loved the Asian  Seared Tuna meal! Great options for kids – while also giving adults wonderful choices. This was just a counter service credit- and we could never finish our meals there. Also- crazy good desserts. Hubby was lovin’ some carrot cake and I was practically crying in joy over the Tiramisu! Also- in the same building as my fave ride of ALL TIME!! SOARIN!! Get your fast pass- then go eat! Perfect. I kinda want to go there right now just writing this! Seriously great! Be sure to take the slow boat ride “The Land” for a truly educational and beautiful look at agriculture in America and the world! In love with this counter service location.

Lotus Blossom Cafe- Egg rolls count as snacks on the meal plan, and the lovely sake drinks you see above were purchased in the japan pavillion. Regular sake, and green tea sake- I recommend the green;)

Les Halles Boulangerie & Pâtisserie- This place reminded me of that old Seinfeld episode about the soup nazi, remember it? Basically this small shop is packed and the line moves quickly. You need to pick out what you want fast! And then cafeteria style you walk past cases with amazing looking french pastry. Also important to not if you are a coffee lover- you can get a good strong cup here. You can also get Belgium beer, so this can be a great little snack stop.

Main street Disney

Some Counter service places we ate at in Magic Kingdom:

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café- Food is not worth mentioning. Its fine. It does have separate “bays” for chicken, veggie and beef orders – so that does make line pretty fast. Mostly memorable because it has an alien spinning tunes in the eating area. It was a HUGE hit with our preschooler who danced to the alien dj’s music picks like a dead head in the 70’s. Hubby and I couldn’t imagine why she cared. But – maybe it has secret kid mojo adults just don’t get? So if you have a kid crew, its probably a good counter service bet!

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe- A good use of a counter service credit. Has taco salads and other Mexican style staples. But has a condiment bar with tons of salad, sauteed onions, and other goodies that are free to put on your meal. Also, has a ton of seating! Lots of rooms of tables so even when busy- you have a good chance of  sitting down with your whole party.

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor- On Main Street, this old fashioned eatery is not only adorable but yummy. Grab a cone and sit on the side of the street waiting for the parade to start! Also- my hubby can’t have dairy – and this place had several dairy free alternative ice creams! So ask if you are lactose intolerant! This is one place that can make even your dream come true!


ohana restaraunt

O’Hana’s- We went during dinner,and were immediately charmed by all the fire torches lighting our way through The Polynesian Resort. During breakfast and lunch this is a character meal. But dinner is a family style meal, and it’s made super kid friendly via coconut races, flower lay slow dances, and hula lessons! Also tropical drinks…for the moms and dads;)  I recommend the pineapple ones! I loved this place. It was a nights entertainment while also having dinner. A great way to have a little taste of the Polynesian without staying there. Stop in the gift shop to send your relatives an actual coconut in the US Mail as a postcard! We did 😉

Hope some of that helps those of you planning a trip to Disney! Wondering where to stay in Disney? Check out our post on that!

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