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I’ve long tried to get my preschool daughter excited about building and engineering concepts. But honestly most of the building blocks at the store seemed aimed at boys, and while she was still interested in them – it didn’t really seem to be a real area of interest for her.

But as someone who grew up doubting both my math & spacial abilities – I have always really wanted to support my own daughters education and exposure to these two areas. Mega Bloks® Barbie® Luxury Mansion gave me a chance to do just that!


We Received: The Mega Bloks® for sending the Mega Bloks® Barbie® Luxury Mansion, Mega Bloks® Barbie® Build ‘ n Style pool, & Mega Bloks®  Build ‘n Style Kiosks for giveaway at our playgroup!

Barbie Mega Bloks

What I liked: I liked that the mansion and pool sets Mega Bloks® sent us had two distinct phases of play. 1) You had a manual and color pictures that taught you block by block how to construct the building. We spent several mornings just putting parts of the mansion and pool and accessory kits together. 2)  Several days later when it was all constructed, a new phase of play started – imagining new ways of arranging the rooms and buildings as well as imaginary doll play. I like that these sets are not a one trick pony.

What my daughter liked: That she could take the individual rooms out of the mansion or rearrange what room was on what floor. She was also pretty excited the pool holds real water and the slide really worked.


Things to Consider: Because of the small nature of all the individual blocks, this set is best suited for boys and girls that are age 5 and over. And you would want to be vigilant if younger children are around that the set gets put away so they don’t get their hands on any tiny pieces. Also- although this set is geared towards girls with the Barbie theme, I think it would be a LOT of fun to build for boys too. In fact the boys in our playgroup loved it as well!

Money Saver: I appreciated that the size of the building blocks were similar in size to blocks we already had, so the Mega Bloks®system could be easily incorporated into play with toys we already had for added experiences.

Do you try to expose your daughter to building and engineering concepts too? If so- I’d love to know how!



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  • I think it is totally awesome that you are encouraging that sweet girl of yours to explore other areas of creativity that can cause her to expand her horizons later in life. She may discover that her childhood love for constructing Barbie blocks inspires her to be an architect and construct lovely homes for people. Big hugs to you, xoxo


    Shannon Schmid Reply:

    @Mitzi@Sweet Country Living, Thanks Mitzi! I was thinking the very same thing! I want her to always know the sky is the limit! 🙂


  • OneMommy says:

    Oh, my daughter would love those! She has just started with the smaller blocks… and of course, Barbie is a big hit! Wait until she see those at the store!


  • Megan Bailey Barnecutt says:

    Barbie and Mega Blocks?! How did I not know about these! I’ll be heading to Toys R Us later this week to snag one for a very special birthday gift for a very special girl!


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