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Wine Ice Cream. Two of my favorite culinary worlds have collided! No longer must you get to the end of a long hard day, and have to decide if you need to nurse your troubles away with a glass of wine, or a bowl of ice cream. The clever people at Mercer’s have given you both

Super premium Ice Cream infused with wine and containing up to 5% alcohol by volume. This is not for the kids. It’s a totally elegant adults only dessert! I’ll just let the awesomeness of that sink in 😉

Milk and Cuddles Giveaway

As I type this, I have in my mouth the last spoonful of the “Port” flavor Ice Cream Mercer’s sent us.  It’s hard to pick a favorite from the 6 different varietals Mercer’s makes… but I think this one stands out to me because it reminds me so much of our honeymoon in the wine country in California. At one Vineyard we bought several bottles of the most amazing Port. It was being discontinued. And nearly a year later when we drank the very last bottle that existed, I mourned the loss of its rich sweet taste. Until this Port Ice Cream – it even smelled as good as that long ago honeymoon Port!

Homemade Ice cream

My husband and I did a little “tasting” in our kitchen. In fact, there is even an order that is suggested you taste each Wine Ice Cream in. My husband made adorable faces as he tasted each one! He particularly enjoyed the “Peach White Zinfandel” which has pieces of peach folded into the cream, and he literally did a little happy dance around the kitchen when I gave him the “Chocolate Cabernet!” I wish I had that dance on video. Poor kid couldn’t contain

Foodies from all over the world will be tasting Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream at the International Food & Drink Event in London this March. Would you like to taste it first?

Flavors include Riesling, Peach White Zinfandel, Red Raspberry Chardonnay, Cherry Merlot, Port & Chocolate Cabernet!

Win Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream 6-pack pint sampler -Overnighted to you!  (Continental US only)

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PS. I seem to have an affinity for adult desserts lately, don’t I? Remember the Cosmopolitan Jello Shots?


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