Fairy Jar!

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My daughter loves anything that glows, which is why making a “Fairy Jar” is a huge hit with her. It’s a huge hit with me – because I can make one for under $1!

It’s a fun afternoon activity (just like chalk Art!) that costs me next to nothing, but gets rave reviews from my preschooler. Win win!

Make a Fairy Jar

To make  a  Fairy Jar for less than a $1 – you will need:

  • A couple thin glow bracelets, or easily cut glow sticks
  • A jar that is clear (Mason Jars work great!)
  • Some glitter
  • That’s it.
  • For real.
  • I’m serious.

glow jar


Fairy Jar Directions? Here is a video showing how we make ours!

Some Ideas on what to do with your Glow Jar:

    • Use it during a camp out to illuminate the path to your tent!
    • Suspend lots of glow jars in trees at an outdoor wedding or party for a festive & ethereal atmosphere!
    • Use it as a disposable nightlight!
    • As part of a centerpiece for a night time party!
    • As an alternative to sparklers on New Years or 4th of July!
    • Hide several outside for a nighttime scavenger hunt!

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