Chalkboard Pumpkins!

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I LOVE the fall! And while I’m not rushing it, I just had to share another  fall project with you, because I think its a great one to do a little early! Chalkboard Pumpkins!

Chalkboard pumpkins are great, not only because you can decorate them in anyway you like, matching them to your style and decor – but also because kids have so much fun drawing and erasing funny Halloween faces on them all season long!

chalk board Pumpkins

 What you Need:

  • A pumpkin! You can use a real one, or a foam craft pumpkin like we did.
  • Chalkboard paint. You can choose between chalkboard spray paint, or a paint pot. I prefer the paint pot because its easier to control where they paint goes.
  • Chalk! To Decorate your pumpkin!
  • Time! Wait until the paint is completely dry before decorating.


As you may already know if you have been a reader for a while, I have always enjoyed chalkboard projects. But I think this one is particularly fun! You can change this one of a kind Jack-o-lantern’s design every day if you want to!

I suggest handing it over to your kids along with a damp cloth to wipe it clean when they want to start over. It can be hours of fun, and its cheap and easy. Two hallmarks of a great project in my mind!

Happy early  …Halloween Season!

Halloween art


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