Build a Cardboard Slide!

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Ever get cooped up at home with the kids – they’reย  bored, and you’re out of ideas? Why not become the coolest parent alive – and build a cardboard slide on your stairs!? I’m serious!

A cardboard Stair Slide is super fun, uses up your extra cardboard – and your kids will never expect it!

carboard slide

What you NEED to Build a Cardboard Slide:

    • Large pieces of Cardboard – TV, refrigerator, and other appliance boxes work the best.
    • Duct Tape- You will need to secure cardboard together and to the sides of the wall. If your worried about the tape peeling your paint, use painters tape!
    • Pillows, blankets and mattresses – you will need a soft and safe place to land!
    • A bike helmet – safety first y’all ๐Ÿ˜‰

slide on stairs

5ย  Ways to make your Cardboard Slideย  extra AWESOME:

  1. You can use layers of cardboard under each other to support larger sliders, and make the slide a smoother ride.
  2. Don’t be afraid of the duct tape. Be sure to use it liberally when connecting pieces together, and to attach one side of the cardboard to the stair wall.
  3. If you have a very long set of stairs, do not be tempted to make your slide too long. Riders pick up speed fast!
  4. If you have several large boxes you can just tape the bottoms together to form a tube. Now your slide has a roof!
  5. Back in the day – the wisdom was to tape the cardboard to only one side of the stairway, and make the slide narrow enough that you could walk up the other side of the stairs where the cardboard didn’t cover to ride again. You can do that – but I think I’ve found a better solution! See bonus tip below!

*Bonus Tip* To make your cardboard slide the whole width of the stairs -tape the cardboard slide to the left side of the stairway wall, but don’t tape the right side to the wall. Then when you want to climb the stairs to ride again – you just lift your slide up, and it opens like a door to allow you back up the stairs!

Building a cardboard slide on the stairs is truly retro fun! You may have done it as a kid, but its probably all new to your own children! let them experience both the building and the riding of the slide!

…And if you were one of the unfortunate kiddo’s who didn’t have a cardboard slide in your childhood – it’s never too late! Take a ride yourself!


*Please remember to only build slides where there can be a safe, soft landing. Wear protective gear if possible, and always supervise children while they use the slide!


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