Make a Floating Pirate Ship – out of Recyclables!

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There’s just something about boats that just draws kids in! Perhaps, because boats are a symbol of freedom and adventure – every child I know is fascinated with them. This DIY Ship is both easy to make, and cheap! It uses products you are likely to have laying around your house, like a milk carton or K-Cups.

It even floats!

how to make a floating pirate ship

Floating Boat – Made from Recyclables

You will need:

  • An empty, rinsed out Milk Carton.
  • An empty, rinsed out K-Cup.
  • A chopstick (or candy stick, sturdy straw, or twig).
  • Paper.
  • Glue.
  • String.
  • Optional – markers or paint to decorate the ship. You can also use fabric or laminated paper to help sails stand up to some splashing!

sailboat craft


  1. Turn your carton on its side, creating a point at the front of what will be your ship. Cut the sides in a small slope, or into whatever shape you’d like your boat to have. Paint carton if you wish.
  2. Design and cut sails. Keep in mind the width of your boat carton.
  3. Glue your K-Cup down in the center of your milk carton.
  4. Cut a hole at the top and bottom of the sails and weave your chopstick or straw through the holes, to secure it.
  5. Decorate your boat! We went for a Pirate theme!

Make a pirate Ship for The Pirate Fairy

Our daughter is a big fan of the Disney movie – The Fairy Pirate. And we found that her small Disney Fairy figures fit perfectly into this milk carton Pirate Ship craft! If you have a Pirate, Fairy or Boat fan in your home – this craft is sure to capture their imagination! This would also be a really fun craft to try sailing at the beach, pool, or even in the bathtub!

This a three minute video, that walks you through the process of creating your Pirate ship! I hope you have fun crafting!




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