Decluttering Challenge

It’s a New Year… and I’m ready to make more room in my life! I’m giving myself 30 days to get rid of what I don’t need, use or want! Time to Declutter!

30 Day Challenge

My challenge: 30 Days of DE-CLUTTERING!

I need more space! So I’ll be using a schedule to keep me in line, and decluttering non-stop for 30 days straight!

*In fact, if you’d like to follow along you can…

—> Download the Free 30 Days of Decluttering Schedule Here.<——

The main thing I’m keeping in mind is that there is a big difference between decluttering – and organizing. My 30 Day Challenge is going to focus ONLY on getting rid of stuff – not making it beautiful or organizing it in a pretty way! That’s what always side tracks me. This time I’m keeping it simple, and serious!

I am going to have three bins: DONATE, TRASH & SELL

And my goal is to have a LOT more space in my life in 30 days! And the side benefit will hopefully be to have made some money selling what I don’t need, gotten rid of what no one needs, and to have donated to others who were in need!

What I’ve done so far…

All around a worthwhile idea, right? Join me! You can find more on the 30 Day Declutter Challenge by following me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and G+.


Let’s De-clutter Together!