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You cleaned what?!? Wednesday

I’ve been putting off cleaning our refrigerator for too long. It’s just such a pain taking everything out of it, cleaning all the shelves, looking at all the expiration dates, and reorganizing it again. But I tackled it for this week’s installment of… “You cleaned what?!?...
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You cleaned what?!? Wednesday

You cleaned what?!? Wednesday
For this weeks “You cleaned what?!? Wednesday” – I did a little cleaning, and also a little getting ready for spring!! I haven’t lived in Texas that long, and I really don’t have a firm understanding of the soil here. I’ve planted a lot of things in our front, and...
April 7th, 2009 | General | Read More

~A Wednesday challenge~

I’m starting a new tradition here at Milkandcuddles. I’m calling it “You cleaned what?!? Wednesday.” I was inspired by a little spring cleaning I was doing yesterday. I was on the floor wiping down our baseboards. Molly is getting more, and more mobile. And she likes to touch,...
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